AkaneFor 4 people room. (Maximum of 6 people)

The vacation house for rent of Japanese-style to have been equipped with the outdoor hot bath to put freely and the full self-cooking facilities, the comfortable air conditioner and so on
When the innocent tree and the pure-white plaster wall open Kurado in the…… snowy country as it came before, the light in Shouwa lights up faintly.

The rubdown chair
The liquid crystal television
The cupboard for tea-things chest of the antique

The deck which faced grassland Now and the past mix.

” Akane ” for four is suited for the warm time of the family and the friend…….

Please come with your dog that can keep manners.

Yukiakari Akane
Yukiakari Akane Yukiakari Akane
  • 1st floor
    Area 35㎡(21 mats)
    6 mat Japanese-style room ( two sets of futons ),
    Outdoor hot spring bath,
    Bath, the face washing,
    Bidet restroom
  • 2nd floor
    Area 31㎡(18 mats)
    Bedroom ( Two bed, two sets of futons )
  • Capacity
  • IN/OUT
  • Area
    Reception area
Best Price Guarantee


※ 1 cottage ( tax included, no meal included )

TOP ¥54,000
Year-end and New Year holidays, consecutive holidays, around Bon Festival, Saturday in July August, the day before the holiday
ON ¥43,200
The day before the holiday, the summer vacation, the last weekend the last week
OFF ¥32,400
Weekdays other than August
2 people
special plan
OFF season Weekday onl

Equipment, Fixtures etc.

We are aiming for “only food ingredients and pajamas”

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