Red & Blue For 2 people room. (Maximum of 4 people)

It is the pretty cottage in the log house which came from Santa Claus’s country, Finland.
All handmade is original about the panel and  lights of the stained glass.
Always, the lease of the Christmas and the tapestry decorations are space excitedly.

It is 5 minutes with the car from the central of Hiruzen Kogen.
It is near the purchase and the restaurant, too, and it is convenient.

It is for two but it is OK to four if permitted to be a little narrow.

Aka & Ao
Aka & Ao
  • 1st floor
    Area 18㎡ ( 10 mats ) + the deck
    The dining, the unit bath, the face washing, The bidet restroom
  • 2nd floor
    Area 16㎡ ( 9 mats )
    The bedroom ( Two bed, two sets of futons )
  • Capacity
    1 – 4
  • IN/OUT
    15:00 / 10:00
  • Area
    Christmas cottage area
Best Price Guarantee


※ 1 cottage ( tax included, no meal included )

TOP ¥25,900
Year-end and New Year holidays, consecutive holidays, around Bon Festival, Saturday in July August, the day before the holiday
ON ¥21,000
The day before the holiday, the summer vacation, the last weekend the last wee
OFF ¥16,200
Weekdays other than August

Equipment, Fixtures etc.

We are aiming for “ only food ingredients and pajamas ”

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