Reservation Flow

The flow of the reservation

the vacant room search

Entering a desired day, the number of people in the page of the vacant room search, examine a vacant cottage.

The fee confirmation

It chooses a favorite cottage.
It confirms a fee by the estimate.
You before reserving.

Certainly, it is lame, confirming ” the cancellation regulation “, ” note in case of staying “.

The reservation application

prease input information on the customer to the reservation form.
The payment is a preliminary credit card transaction.

The reservation formation

We send the e-mail of ” the reservation formation ” from us if having the application of the reservation. Confirm contents.
It is reservation formation in this.
When there are an entry mistake of the e-mail address of the customer and so on
The confirmation e-mail doesn’t reach.

When the confirmation e-mail doesn’t reach, there is not an entry mistake of the e-mail address of the customer or take another look. Then, give e-mail certainly again from you.

The staying day

Give to ” the cottage vacation house for rent reception ” in the check-in smell.
On the occasion of staying, if there are a question – consultation, ask.
We have hotel charges at the reception and we hand over a key, doing explanations such as the way.

The check-in

  • Check-in 15:00 –
  • 1Come to the cottage reception office at 15:00 – at 17:00. ( The reception staff becomes absent since 17:00 ).
    As for the check-in 17:00 since then, call the reception staff on the phone after arrival.
    Consent to waiting 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Do a winter in the check-in at 17:00.
    In case of the heavy snow, the arrival 17:00 since then can not be received because there is a case not to let in the parking lot.
  • Check out 10:00 strict observance
    ( ” Murasaki ” ” Akane “, ” Peter Pan ” are 11:00 ).

Note in case of staying

This villa is a highland and all to want to spend slowly stays.

We request not to be reserved with wanting to make noise, removing for the junket and the party purpose.

  • We refuse illegal act such as the drinking smoking of the minors, the illegal medicine, the bringing in of the danger and senseless act firmly. When unavoidable, it sometimes calls the police, too.
  • Left regardless of the time for you when what good public order and customs and the act of violating a decree or the act that there is their fear are done in Tobetsu Shonai In the case, we don’t do a repayment.
  • It is strict prohibition because loud voice song becomes inconvenience to the other customer and the house around because the party which reaches at the midnight, and so on, becomes noise. Also, we request for the coming to an end going wrong, too, not to make noise aloud about the loud voice at the deck because it is when reported to the police from the nearby villa, too, when letting out.
  • The firework is strict prohibition. How about that only the firework in hand which doesn’t make a sound is until 21:30 At us, the responsibility can not be born about the facilities at this villa, the injury, a burn by the equipment use.
  • We can not bear total responsibility about the damaging, the loss of the personal belongings of the customer and the burglary.
  • We request the management of the valuables and so on strictly.
  • Specifically, when using more than one, lock in the going in and out in the responsibility of the customer.
  • We request. Latch a car on parking at the parking lot or in the position of the we specification.
  • At us, the responsibility can not be born about the accident, the burglary of the car in Shikiji.
  • At this villa, in the pet, the customer of being accompanied be careful of the bark, the disposition below and so on.
  • When the pet does the person at the other customer and in the vicinity harm by chance, you solve a situation in the responsibility of the owner. Also, pay attention to the marking to the wallpaper, the curtain and so on.
  • When the repair charge occurs, be burdened. We request equipment, consumables in Tobetsu Shonai and so on so as not to take out them out.
  • When having equipment by chance damaged, offer the management office certainly next for the stay, too.
  • When the repair charge occurs, be burdened.
  • In going-out, be careful of the electricity in the hdor, the origins of fire and the lockup such as gas. Tobetsu Shonai is no smoking.
  • When smoking outside, we request in the place ( there is an ashtray out of the entrance or at the deck ) of the specification.
  • To prevent from an environmental protection, a fire, we request for there not to be throwaway of the cigarette. It supposes only that the use of this villa is a subscriber and the bringing style ( of the fee paid number of people 以内, the pet, too, are same ).
  • When having a guest invited, it assumes that it is a guest and we have a surcharge.
  • Look after the time of the check out. When passing for equal to or more than 30 minutes, we have an extension fee.

About the cancellation fee

When having a hotel reservation unavoidably canceled, cancel with the e-mail from the notice of the reservation application. We request a cancellation fee if passing the date of the regulation. As for the convenience of the sudden illness, the rainy weather, the work, as for the cancellation by the situation of the customer, liking and the number of people change and so on, we request a cancellation fee. The change on the staying day, the change of the lodgings, too, are dealt with for the cancellation fee. We repay by the pay-by-card of the remainder which deducted a cancellation fee and the fee.

In case of 『 Peter Pan 』 『 Murasaki 』

The reservation application day – 11 days before of the staying due date 10 % of the hotel charges
10 – 2 days before of the staying due date 30 % of the hotel charges
The previous day – the day of the staying due date 80 % of the hotel charges
No show 100%of the hotel charges

In case of 『Navy 』『Akane 』『Midori 』『Rose 』『Aka 』『Ao 』『Shiro』

10 – 2 days before of the staying due date 30 % of the hotel charges
The previous day – the day of the staying due date 80 % of the hotel charges
No show 100%of the hotel charges