Reservation process

The process of cottage reservation

the vacant room search

To see vacant cottages please choose desired day and enter number of people.

The fee confirmation

Choose favorite cottage.
The system will estimate the price.

Please confirm “the cancellation regulation“, “note in case of staying“.

The reservation application

Fill in the reservation form with information about the customers.
The payment is a preliminary credit card transaction.

The reservation formation

After we receive your request, you will get booking confirmation email. Check and confirm the contents.
The reservation will be confirmed.
The confirmation e-mail won`t be sent if e-mail address is misspelled. If you don`t receive the email please check the email address once again and inform us accordingly.

On arrival day

Before going to your cottage please come to the reception first. 
We will gladly answer any question you may have.
You`ll be charged at the reception and then we`ll hand over the key and explain the way to your cottage.


  • Check-in 15:00 –
  • Please come to the reception between 15:00 and 17:00. The reception staff leave at 17:00. If you come later, please call to the number given on the front door. The staff will come to the office in 5 – 10 minutes.
  • In the winter please come before 17:00.
    In case of heavy snow it may be difficult to find the parking lot in dark.
  • Check out 10:00 
    (for “Murasaki”, “Akane”, “Peter Pan” 11:00).

Note in case of staying

The villas are located on a highland and offer everything you need to spend relaxing days in the countryside beauty and tranquility.

Therefore we kindly ask you not to reserve the villas if you come to Hiruzen with the purpose of noisy parties.

  • We refuse illegal substances and behavior such as drinking and smoking of the minors, drugs. When unavoidable, we may need to call police. In this case, we don’t give refund.
  • Making noise and playing loud music is strictly prohibited as it may disturb other customers and the residents. Please remain quiet when staying on a deck. 
  • The fireworks are strictly prohibited. Instead please use cold fireworks, not later than 21:30. We do not take responsibility for injuries, burns caused by the equipment use.
  • We don`t take responsibility for any damage, loss of the personal belongings of the customers and burglary.
  • Please watch your valuables and lock the doors.
  • Specifically, when using two and more cottages, locking the doors is responsibility of the customers.
  • We request to leave a car on the parking lot or in the spot we point.
  • We do not take the responsibility in case of accident or burglary of the car on the parking lot.
  • In case you come with a pet, please make sure it`s not too loud and please clean after your pet. 
  • The pet owner is responsible for any harm caused by the pet to another customer or resident as well as damages in a cottage. Please, make sure there won`t be any stain on the wallpapers, the curtains and the furniture.
  • You will be charged in case of any repair needed. Please do not take out any equipment, furniture or utensils. 
  • When having equipment damaged by chance, please bring it to our office or report the damage at the reception. 
  • When the repair costs occur, you will be charged accordingly.
  • In going-out, be careful of the electricity in the house, the origins of fire and the lockup such as gas. 
  • Smoking inside a cottage is not allowed.
  • When smoking outside, please use designated area (there is an ashtray in front of the entrance door or on the deck ).
  • To prevent fire, cigarettes should not be thrown away to the ground. Please use the ashtray only.
  • Villas can be used only by registered customers. If you expect guests please report it at the reception in advance.  
  • When having a guest invited, additional fee will be charged. The fee should be paid according to the number of guests as well as pets that you bring with you.
  • Pay attention to the time of check out. If you check out too late by 30 min and more, we will charge extension fee.

About the cancellation fee

When having a hotel reservation unavoidably canceled, cancel with the e-mail from the notice of the reservation application. We request a cancellation fee if passing the date of the regulation. The fee is charges regardless of the cancellation reason: sudden illness, rainy weather, work, personal preferences of the customer, also in case of change of number of people, your stay dates or a cottage you stay in. In case you already paid by a card the cancellation fee will be deducted from the cottage price.

30 to 11 days before your scheduled arrival 10 % of the hotel charges
10 – 2 days before your scheduled arrival 30 % of the hotel charges
The day before your scheduled arrival or on your scheduled arrival 80 % of the hotel charges
No show 100%of the hotel charges