Green For 8 people room. (Maximum of 8 people)

The healing space which is filled with Finnish Pine!

This is a holiday house  for maximum eight people.

Perfect for a family or a group of friends!

It is called ” the green log ” because the handrail and the casement are painted green.

You will enjoy BBQ on the spacious deck.

  • 1st floor
    Area 42㎡ ( 24 mats ) + a deck
    dining in the wideness, a 6 mat Japanese-style room ( two sets of futons ), an unit bath, face washing, a bidet restroom
  • 2nd floor lofts
    Area 33㎡ ( 20 mats )
    The bedroom ( six sets of futons ), the face washing, the bidet restroom
  • Capacity
    2 – 8
  • IN/OUT
    15:00 / 10:00
  • Area
    Christmas cottage area
Best Price Guarantee


※ 1 cottage ( tax included, no meal included )

TOP ¥54,000
Year-end and New Year holidays, consecutive holidays, around Bon Festival, Saturday in July August, the day before the holiday
ON ¥43,200
The day before the holiday, the summer vacation, the last weekend the last week
OFF ¥32,400
Weekdays other than August
2 people
special plan
OFF season Weekday onl

Equipment, Fixtures etc.

We are aiming for “ only food ingredients and pajamas ”

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