Cancellation Policy

When having a hotel reservation unavoidably canceled, we request cancellation with the e-mail.

Because a procedure in case of cancellation is published in the e-mail at the reservation reception, see.

If passing the date of the regulation, the cancellation fee depends. As for the convenience of the sudden illness, the rainy weather, the work, we request a cancellation fee regardless of the reason about the number of people change and the cancellation by the situation of the customer. The change on the staying day, the change of the lodgings, too, are dealt with for the cancellation fee.

( As for the change into the big building from the small building, the cancellation fee doesn’t depend.

Such as the number of people of the staying after confirming well, reserve and it is precocious.

30 to 11 days before your scheduled arrival 10%
10 to 2 days before your scheduled arrival 30%
the days before your scheduled arrival or on your scheduled arrival 80%
No show 100%